E3M, Inc. (E3M) is a privately owned small business specializing in industrial energy efficiency management. E3M provides R&D and consulting services in the areas of energy and environmental efficiency management for major industries. ..

The activity areas include:
1. Research and development support for development of innovative technologies, processes and designs for thermal systems with the goal of major reduction and/or recovery of energy;
2. Identification of Best Practices in energy use and providing technical support for application of new technologies/products with validation and verification of results in cooperation with the users and suppliers;
3. Project management and support through analysis, planning, and performance monitoring of R&D projects;
4. Plant assessment for energy efficiency improvement, emissions, waste reduction and productivity enhancement in major industries such as steel, aluminum, metal casting, glass etc.
5. Development and delivery of training programs for energy efficiency improvements and emission reduction for all major industries.
6. Investigations and Availability, Applicability and Affordability (AAA) approach in analysis of emerging technologies for operational improvements and productivity gains in industries;

Development and application of energy efficiency, emission reduction and combined heat and power (CHP) analysis tools for industrial manufacturing plants. 


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