A brief list of recent projects managed by E3M, Inc. is given below.


List of Recent (1998-2005) Projects and Activities.

1.   Development support for the Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST) for the industry through collaborative efforts between the industry end-users, equipment suppliers and the Department of Energy - Industrial Technologies Programs (DOE-EERE-ITP). 

2.   Development support for the software tool used for economic analysis for application distributed electricity generation or combined heat and power to process heating (CHP).

3.   Development support for a tool (NxEAT) for NOx emission reduction and energy efficiency improvements for petroleum-chemical plants.

4.   “Technology Application Assessment” for advanced natural gas fired industrial systems for The Industrial Center, a consortium of natural gas utilities.

5.   Development and delivery of training programs for the natural gas utility marketing personnel in the area of efficient use of natural gas equipment in industrial heating applications.

6.   Studies for energy reduction and recovery technologies for clean and contaminated waste stream at low (<400 deg. F.) to high (>2000 deg. F.) temperatures with special applications in industries such as steel, aluminum, glass, paper, petroleum, chemical, heat treating and metal casting.

7.   Plant Wide Assessment (PWA) projects for major industrial plants in Steel, Aluminum, Pulp and Paper, Steel Foundry, Automotive, Metal Casting and Chemical plants.  The PWA recommendations have resulted in substantial cost savings for some of these plants.

8.   Collaborative Technology Assessment studies (CTAs) for steel, aluminum petroleum, mining, and aluminum plants for the DOE-OIT show case preparations.  This represents one to two day walk-throughs to identify performance improvements and preliminary recommendations.

9.   Leader and member of team(s) responsible for plant wide energy assessment programs funded by DOE and industrial plants.  During the last four years we have participated in nine Plant Wide Energy Assessment programs in steel, aluminum, heat treating, pulp and paper, glass, forging, automotive assembly, fiberglass and metal casting industries.

10.  Development of process heat transfer and energy use models of industrial heating furnaces for steel and aluminum industry that is used in design and operation (on-line predictive control) of continuous and batch furnaces.  

11.  Team member for a new-generation aluminum melting system development program.

12.  Study for identification of development needs and application of energy efficient technologies in steel and aluminum industry.

13.  Development of thermal model based furnace control systems for the primary and secondary metals production and processing furnaces.

14.  tudy for application of CHP systems for process heating in major energy user industries to identify process heating applications of Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

15.  Detailed study on Emerging (US and global) Gas Technologies Assessment for their application in the U.S.  Industries.

16.  Collaborative efforts with Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) to identify R&D needs for next generation process heating systems.


E3M, Inc. works closely with the client and, with their consent, collaborates with a number of industry expert associates located throughout the United States.  All of these associates are independent consultants and have at least 25 years of industrial experience with specialization in R&D, product design and development, plant operations and maintenance and personnel training.   E3M also collaborates with major industrial equipment and systems suppliers in development and application of new products on a case-by-case basis for specific projects.



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