E3M, Inc. provides consulting services in the areas of energy efficiency improvements, emissions reduction, new technology development and application, performance verification and validation fro industrial energy


The energy efficiency improvement areas include

Process heating

Steam systems

Waste heat recovery

Combined Heat and Power

Compressed air

Pumping systems

Cooling systems

E3M conducts comprehensive survey and assessment of energy use, prioritizing for actions, specific

recommendations to reduce energy use and actions, cost-beenfirt analysis and guidance for available

resource to meet the efficiency improvement potential for the plant.

A list of plant assessment and benefits derived major industrial plants is given in the next sections.


List of DOE Supported Plant Wide Assessments

Conducted by E3M Team

 1. AMCAST Aluminum wheel castings

 2. Appleton paper

 3. Corning Glass

 4. Ford Motor Company (Casting plant)

 5. Ford Motor Company (Auto Assembly paint shop)

 6. Charter Steel

 7. North Star Steel

 8. Sawbrooks Casting

 9. SIFCO Forging

10. Metlab Heat Treating

11. Cargill Food Products

12. Metaldyne Corporation

These projects represent more than 25% of the total

funded by The DOE - 44 during the last five years


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