E3M, Inc. provides training programs for

  • Industrial energy users, consulting companies, energy utility companies and technical or professional associations.
  • E3M has prepared specialized training material, manuals and delivery methods for these trainings.

E3M offers

  • personalized training for a specific company, technical group or association or
  • on-site and company specific, or general group based or web-based training programs

E3M has delivered more than 75 training programs during the last five years.

Areas of training include

  • Overview of heating systems for furnaces, boilers, ovens and other process heating equipment for energy users, utilitycompanies and consultants.
  • Energy use and saving opportunities for specific industries such as steel, aluminum, petroleum refining, chemical, glass, mining,heat treating, forging, metal casting etc.
  • Use of U.S. DOE tools such as in the areas of process heating, steam, compressed air, fans and blowers etc. for energy efficiency improvements in each of these areas.
  • Developing Plant Energy Profile and identification of areas of energy efficiency improvement. Special training programs for a specific plant, corporation or industry.
  • Application of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for steam generation, power generation and industrial heating processes
  • NOx emission reduction and use of a U.S. DOE tool NxEAT NOx and Energy Assessment Tool to asses and optimize NOx and energy use economics for a plant. 
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